Mission and Culture
Changing Lives Through Education
An education unlocks opportunities, unleashes potential, builds confidence and improves quality of life. As technology and experience experts, as student-research purveyors, as strategy consultants, and as creative thinkers, we come to work to change lives through education.
Be Bold and Do Meaningful Work
We are dedicated to igniting change and helping partners understand, anticipate and meet ever-evolving student expectations. We have the privilege to do meaningful work every day in an environment inspiring innovation and creativity. 
Keypath Education’s founding principle – education is a powerful catalyst for changing lives – has grounded and motivated our growth into a full-service, global partner at the forefront of higher education. For more than 26 years, we’ve stayed ahead of the curve by anticipating gaps in the marketplace, developing solutions, and acquiring companies that allow us to better serve our partners, their students and their graduates. We invest in our partnerships because we believe in their purpose.
Get to Give
At Keypath Education, we get to give. In an enterprise focused on changing the lives of those around us, we take any opportunity to give back to the communities to which we belong – whether this be through local volunteering projects, charity fundraising events, or donating unused time and supplies to local schools. We believe in helping everyone to achieve their ambitions both inside and outside of Keypath Education. Giving back is something we’re proud of; it reminds us just how fortunate we are.