Today’s Students Want More From Their Education

Student expectations have changed. Students are convinced higher education is the path to meaningful employment. They want multimedia-rich courses available from anywhere on any device. They learn at all hours of the day (and night) and seek help in academic and professional contexts.

We provide the technology-backed infrastructure, processes and resources to help you improve student services and satisfy a new generation of learners.

Map Curriculum to Learning Objectives

In cultivating the skills necessary for the 21st-century workplace, we emphasise authentic assessment – multifaceted projects, assignments and online testing – for analysing learning performance and giving students tangible takeaways from their academic experience.

These authentic assessments translate academic enquiry into a dynamic Seelio portfolio that encourages reflective thinking, personal growth and greater insight into career opportunities.

Support Your Academics in Every Learning Environment

Our scalable instructional model places sectional instructors under the guidance of your empowered academics and our experienced Instructional Designers. As stewards of your university, our Instructional Designers work with your academics to develop learning strategies and bring engaging course content to life using video, animation and technology. We fully train your academics in the tools they need to be successful in online and blended learning environments.

Our Learning Philosophy

  • Student-Centric
  • Holistic
  • Outcome-Driven

No two students are alike. Each learner has different strengths, weaknesses, interests, goals and starting points. Our strengths-focused learning approach takes into account students’ motivation for enrolling in a course and their intended outcomes. We use this knowledge to personalise pedagogy, curriculum and learning environments to the individual.

Mapping student motivation, experience and goals to leading adaptive learning technology allows us to create a customised learning plan for each student, beginning with the introduction of an assigned Student Success Advisor, carrying through possible course pathways and concluding with a robust student portfolio. Continued support is provided based on the student’s individual level of need.

In each unit of study, students will integrate academic theory with their own real-world experience, combining both in the creation of assessments that map to the outcomes for the program and to their career interests.

Refine Long-Term Course Performance

Evaluation is more than a formal process at the end of the course. Student Success Advisors are responsible for collecting, advancing and resolving ongoing student feedback in collaboration with the Instructional Designer. Using student portfolios and other evaluation methods, academic leaders can visualise learning progress.

Integrating Your Existing Technology

We integrate with your learning management system (LMS) of choice to ensure we take advantage of existing university infrastructure and links between systems. Our goal is to integrate with your systems to collectively capture advanced learner analytics.

Who we help