About Us
It Started with a Simple Idea
How can institutions better attract the increasing number of nontraditional students in order to achieve long-term growth and fulfill their missions? That was the idea. Since our founding more than 26 years ago, we have pioneered inquiry-based enrollment marketing for nontraditional students, connecting them to the right institutions and the right educational opportunities at scale.

An Evolution Beyond Marketing

Institutions have evolved. Student expectations of their education have evolved. It’s only fitting that we evolve as well. Our transition from PlattForm to Keypath Education is, in a sense, a return to basics with a focus on the entire student journey.
We continue to build on our history of marketing performance with solutions for the entire student journey, including online program management (OPM), course design and development, career preparation, and corporate partnership programs, to connect even more students with their educational goals.
We connect the future of the education industry to the future of the student experience. Our proven leadership team and strong track record of helping more than 4,000 higher education institutions better serve students precede us as we provide end-to-end technology and data solutions to schools around the world. 

The World’s Most Prepared Students

This is our promise. It is the end result of our mantra to “be bold and do meaningful work.” Enhancing student outcomes is meaningful work. Each partnership formed, strategy implemented and program supported reflects our commitment to student excellence made possible through education.


Our Brands



An integral part of our online program management business, GlobalHealth provides a highly tailored solution for health care programs worldwide. Partner institutions consider GlobalHealth a strategic ally in training and educating health care workers and professionals by introducing them to online degree programs through a proprietary and exclusive network of health systems and universities. Since its inception in 2009, GlobalHealth and its affiliates have trained more than 75,000 adults and enrolled over 2,000 students for their partners. 


Seelio is a proprietary career preparation technology, helping students, colleges and universities connect the dots between educational experiences and the 21st-century skills employers want.


Schools such as The University of Michigan, The University of Toledo and Purdue University Calumet incorporate Seelio across the student experience to differentiate students and programs by empowering students to show how their degree has prepared them to succeed in the workplace.